Time to come back


Dear readers,

I am deeply sorry for my incredibly long absence! I’ve been gone for way too much time now, but I´ve decided to come back, start over, and give my blog (and life) the necessary boost. Anyways, I want to share a quick update of what happened in the last few months.

First, remember how I was always saying how crazy last year was, but never explained much why? Well, my then fiance Jason and I where working full-time jobs, while teaching classes on the side, while studying a one year graphic design specialization programme, while he started his PGCEi programme, while taking exams to get language certifications (he in spanish and me in english) while planning our wedding, while paying off our appartment, while trying to keep our house, our lifes and our cat’s well-being in good shape. Then, exactly 100 days before our wedding, we found out that Jason needed emergency surgery and suddenly nothing else mattered. The following month was packed with doctors appointments and a lot of stress, but thankfully we caught the problem on time, and although he will need check-ups every month for some time, there are no major risks present anymore. We finished our graphic design programme, took the exams and got our respective language certifications, planned our deam wedding and prepared for our big day.


On the second day of January we start receiving friends and family (Jason is from VA and we are currently living in Perú, where I’m from) and finally we were ready! Our wedding was on Saturday January 10th and we celebrated it in a beautiful Country Club. We took some friends and family with us since Friday the 9th to make sure everything would be ready on time and we spent an amazing weekend with everybody!

Moni & Jason_ 0218 Moni & Jason_ 0095

Our ceremony was exactly what we wanted. It was in an open garden, in front of a tree. A friend of mine put together a beautiful speech about union, friendship and love, about the meaning of a blessing and sharing, about happiness and new beginnings. We read our vows, exchanged rings, received the well-wishes of the people who were present and finished with a perfect “I do”. Then we ate and danced and laughed and again, the time flew faster than we thought, the day became night and so our ceremony ended. The day after, Jason and I planted our “well-wishing” tree, enjoy the remaining time at the club and got ready to go back.

Moni & Jason_ 028210377073_10101858080958218_8531634215916466100_n

On Monday the 12th, Jason, her sister, 3 couples of friend and I flew to Cusco to spend a week there (if you haven’t been to Cusco yet make sure to include it on your bucket list, it is a must). We visited among other places Sacsayhuaman, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, the Sacred Valley, we went to Machu Picchu and even took an amazing cooking class. After all of that it was time to come home. We hosted some friends until pretty much the end of January. Some of them went to see the Paracas Bay. I had to go back to work and Jason had to get caught up with studies. And all the sudden we are already in May, the time flying by as usual and here I am, just trying to keep up!

At any rate, it is good to be back!
How has your year been so far?

About Monica Jimenez Sablich

Hi! I am Mónica, a peruvian artist, designer and food enthusiast. I want to share the joy and excitment that I find creating pretty, useful and yummy things. Are you interested in cooking, sewing, and doing beautiful stuff? Well, this is the blog for you then! Come and join me in this journey!
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