Start the day with a smile – A review of our wedding!

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Jason and I met in Williamsburg – VA in January of 2009 pretty much by a fluke. I went to the States in one of those Work and Study programmes and I ended up working at the same place he was working back then, but we didn’t meet right away. Jason had gone on a trip… to Perú! (I like to think it was kind of a sign.) When we finally met, I think it is fair to say that we fell in love pretty much instantly, and somehow I knew we were going to end up together. And we did! On January 10th 2015 we were tying the knot here in Perú.

Moni & Jason - www.theperfectfitproject.wordpress.comMoni & Jason_ rings -

We wanted our wedding to be as green and unique as possible, and we tried to take good care of important details to make it more personal.

We made a video as our “Save the Date” invitation and we included our wedding website for RSVPs, so no paper was used then.

I got to design our invitations, our stamp and my dress. We made sure that the paper for the invitations had all the environmental certifications because it was important to us.

Wedding invitations - www.theperfectfitproject.wordpress.comWedding Invitations -

I loved designing my dress and getting the fabric. It was exactly what i wanted to the very last detail. At first I thought about making it myself, but after a few tries and fails I decided it would be a wise idea to get someone to make it for me. As fallen from heaven I found these two girls who agreed to sew my dress on the most affordable budget ever!

Moni & Jason_My_Wedding_Dress -

Jason made our wedding favors from scratch, it was amazing! We had handmade wooden candle holders and homemade jam in three flavors. He decided to go to a park and look for leftover wood pieces. He cut them, carved them and finished them himself. For the jam we had strawberry, goldenberry and orange flavor, all homemade. We bought the jars, packed them, sealed them and made stickers for each flavor.

Wedding favors -

strawberry_jam - orange_jam - goldenberry_jam -

For my bridesmaids I bought necklaces with their initials next to a golden heart and for the groomsmen Jason got matching ties. We were ready for the ceremony!

Moni & Jason_ Bridesmaids - Moni & Jason_ Grooms -

We celebrated our ceremony in a beautiful country club in Perú with family and friends. A friend of mine officiated the ceremony in the most beautiful and unique way. Jason sang for me during our vows. We had a well-wishing tree (it was a tree that we were giving as a present to the club where our guests left notes with their wishes for us) that we planted the next day. It was everything we wanted.

Moni & Jason_ Bouquet -

Moni & Jason_ Bride -

Moni & Jason_ Groom - www.theperfectfitproject.wordpress.comMoni & Jason_ Groom -
Moni & Jason_ Cake Topper -

Moni & Jason_ Wedding Cake -

Moni & Jason_ Wedding venue -

Moni & Jason_ Wedding decoration -

Moni & Jason_ceremony - www.theperfectfitproject.wordpress.comMoni & Jason_Ceremony -

Moni & Jason_ Bride and Groom _

Moni & Jason_ Ceremony - www.theperfectfitproject.wordpress.comMoni & Jason_ ceremony - www.theperfectfitproject.wordpress.comMoni & Jason_ rings - www.theperfectfitproject.wordpress.comMoni & Jason_ rings -

Moni & Jason_I_do! - www.theperfectfitproject.wordpress.comMoni & Jason_ - Moni & Jason_ -

Moni & Jason_

Moni & Jason_

Moni & Jason_ wedding bells - Moni & Jason_

Moni & Jason_ cutting the cake -

It was lovely to start this new chapter of our story surrounded by the people we love the most.

Moni & Jason_ Cheers!

Moni & Jason_ Moni & Jason_

Moni & Jason_

Moni & Jason_

Moni & Jason_ www.theperfectfitproject.wordpress.comMoni & Jason_

Moni & Jason_ Moni & Jason_

Moni & Jason_ www.theperfectfitproject.wordpress.comMoni & Jason_

Moni & Jason_ Kiss -

So, if you are about to get married, here is a little something that I would like to remind myself if I could repeat that day: Organizing a wedding is stressful and things may happen not as planned. Whatever happens on that day remember that the purpose of all of that was to share your love and joy with the people you care most about. So take pictures! Take tons of pictures with everyone! Every-single-one. Don’t try to be the host or worry if for a moment people are not dancing. Don’t worry! Tell your husband you love him, tell your family and friends how happy you are to share that day with them. Let people help you. And again, take pictures with Every-Single-One there!


About Monica Jimenez Sablich

Hi! I am Mónica, a peruvian artist, designer and food enthusiast. I want to share the joy and excitment that I find creating pretty, useful and yummy things. Are you interested in cooking, sewing, and doing beautiful stuff? Well, this is the blog for you then! Come and join me in this journey!
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5 Responses to Start the day with a smile – A review of our wedding!

  1. Elizabeth Sablich says:

    Lindos e inolvidables recuerdos! Tqm.

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  3. Gorgeous wedding.. Such a fairy tale 🙂

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