The 10 Things I am Thankful for in October

Thankful October - The Perfect Fit Project

Hey Everybody!

It is time to make a review of the month and share my gratitude list for October. As I said on my 30 before 30 post, I will be writing a list of 10 things that I feel thankful for every month and post about them. I’ve been sort of ill the majority of October and actually thought I was not going to have much to say, but making a mental review of the things that happen I can always find stuff to be happy or thankful for. Enough said, here is my list for October! 

1. It’s been a year since Jason’s surgery and he has been in good health ever since. I don’t know if I can’t emphasize enough how thankful I feel about it.

2. My dog went through surgery this months, and we were worried about him because he is a little old already, but luckily everything went very well and he is recovering.

3. My visa process got started and is on its way. It was way easier than we thought and so far everything has been fine.

4. My mom went on a tour to Europe for the first time. She turned 60 this year (although she looks much younger) and she treated herself with a one-month trip around the old continent. I’m just really happy for her, she is having a great time.

5. I finalized the web design class that I was taking and the result of that was my Personal Portfolio Website, which make one more check on my 30 before 30 list! I haven’t published it yet, but I think I’ll be doing that soon.

6. Jason and I went to see a beautiful show to the National Theater. It was called “Retablo de Octubre” and it was a dance presentation of many of the typical Peruvian dances of the Coast during colonial times.

7. Maybe not as important as the other ones, but I bought a new much better phone, and I am really happy about it.

8. It is pumpkin season! In Perú, we didn’t use to get those nice big orange pumpkins, but a few years ago a supermarket started selling them! It might sound silly, but I love pumpkins. Not so much carving them, but I love making pumpkin pie and adore the pumpkin seeds.

9. NBA Basketball season is back!

10. I ended this month with an amazing spa morning that included a one hour massage with chocolate moisturizing cream. I was really looking forward to that.

I hope all of you had a great month!
See you next week.

About Monica Jimenez Sablich

Hi! I am Mónica, a peruvian artist, designer and food enthusiast. I want to share the joy and excitment that I find creating pretty, useful and yummy things. Are you interested in cooking, sewing, and doing beautiful stuff? Well, this is the blog for you then! Come and join me in this journey!
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