The song stuck in my head

Today’s sound:

“Tajabone” – Ismaël Lô

Mida, Ta…..tajabone de nuy tajabone
Ta…..tajabone de nuy tajabone
Abdu u iambaar gniari malaykala
Ch’awé étchiko daan si séroo
Muomu muhnilda degëm du lingaan
Muomu muhnila degëm woor nga-am
Ch’awé etchiko daanu si seroo
Muomu muhnida degem du lingaam
Muomu muhnida degem woor nga-am
Tajabone de nuy tajabone
Tajabone de nuy tajabone
Wou leij Wou leij
Wou leij Wou leij
Abdu jambaar gniari malaykala
chico woley juge daanu si sero
Muhnila degem du linga’n
Muhnila degem woor nga-am

The first time I heard the song was in the Pedro Almodovar movie “Todo sobre mi madre”. Today, after many years, I looked for the translation. Here’s what I found.

Translation Thanks to Yacine Diop :

“As children, we will go from house to house to entertain, which was singing and dancing and afterwards they will give us money or rice or wheat or biscuits. These were one of my best memories as a child. The song we use to sing is the song Ismaël Lô is singing. He is saying :

Tajabone we’re going to Tajabone

Abdou Jabar he’s an angel coming from the skies to your soul

He’s going to ask you did you pray
He’s going to ask you did you fast
He is coming to your soul
He’s going to ask you did you pray did you fast

That’s it then he just goes on and on saying the same things. We use to sing this song because in Islam you are commanded by God to pray five times a day and fast on the month of Ramadan so when you die the angels will ask you these questions…” 

About Monica Jimenez Sablich

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